:: The Primogenitor :: Damned if you do, Damned if you don't ::

"I am damned: it is a truth that I cannot escape. It is the greatest pain I have ever borne,
but it is also the truest sacrifice I have ever made in the service of the Emperor and the Imperium."
- Inquisitor Lord Godella Morn

Inquisitor Aldus Lycophron, Radical Oblationist
The Renegade stalked through corridors of blasted metal and ruined stonework,
dedicated to dying gods and dark vassals alike. There is no warmth here, even in flames.

Kendra Vardan, Scion of the Oath
The Soldier stood beside, ever ready, ever vigilant, her oath of damnation dancing
like fire behind cold and dying eyes. There is no faith here, even in oneself.

Aeschylus, Damned Legionnaire
The Spectre passed among familiar strangers, statues crumbling under the weight of millennia,
names on tips of tongues or dragged screaming from history. There is no truth here, even in memory.

Raum, Soulbound Host
The Daemon watched them all, no eyes to see, no mouth to speak, no mind to truly
understand the gravity of its own actions. There is no peace here, even in death.

The Primogenitor calls.


((Don't have much to say today))
((This is Primogenitor Submission 2))
((Something more chaotic this time))

((I didn't really think about what chapter/warband I wanted Raum to be from originally))
((I just kind of picked green armour and went with it))
((Maybe a Fallen Angel?))
((Who knows))

((Lots of fun messing around with textures on armour and stuff))
((I have this glossy gel I used to get the ripples on Raum and Aeschylus' armour))
((Aldus is designed after the old-style Saturnine/mk1 Terminator Armour))
src: https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Terminator_Armour
((The other three are essentially just tossed together from bits and pieces, though))
((Lots of fun and games trying to fill all the gaps left by everything))

Parts list, Inquisitor Lycophron:
-Terminator Torso
-Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain Legs
-Cataphractii Terminator Arms
-Morghast Shoulders
-Grey Knights Terminator Head and Book Standard
-Mortarch Mannfred Sword Blade
-Cawdor Ganger Standard (top, removed from banner)
-Deathwatch Upgrades Symbol
-Styrene Rod, Tube, Tiled Sheet and C-Beam

Interrogator Vardan:
-Delaque Ganger Torso and Grenade Hand
-Atalan Jackal Head
-Neophyte Hybrid Legs
-Sisters of Silence Arms
-Adeptus Custodes Hairpiece
-Primaris Reiver Grenade Bandolier
-Endrinrigger Canister Thingy
-Grey Knights Shoulder Pad Pendant Symbol (removed from shoulder pad)
-Styrene Rod, Tube and Tiled Sheet

Damned Aeschylus:
-Space Marine Torso Front
-Sicarian Ruststalker Head
-Terminator Torso Back and Power Fist
-Primaris Reiver Legs and Pistol Arm
-Grey Knights Terminator Shoulder Pad
-Mk3 Space Marine Backpack (cut in half)
-Atalan Jackals Supply Cache
-Citadel Woods Brazier (removed from pole)
-Styrene Rod, Tube and Tiled Sheet

Soulbound Raum:
-Space Marine Torso Front (on the back)
-Stormcast Eternal Shoulder Pad (chest)
-Blackstone Fortress Chaos Marine Helmet
-Possessed Marine Chainsaw Arm
-Primaris Reiver Knife Arm
-Terminator Legs
-Space Marine Shoulder Pads
-Primaris Intercessor Backpack
-Styrene Rod, Tube and Tiled Sheet

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