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++Thought of the day: Brave are they who know everything yet fear nothing.++

Inquisitor Henrietta Kappel, Ordo Malleus
Henrietta is a unique oddity, a psychic blank and at one time a trusted interrogator to an Inquisitor of
the Order of the Golden Rose. Having departed the Order following her former master's death, she now serves as the foremost expert in daemons and most decorated daemonhunter to be part of the Sunfire Coalition. She holds extensive knowledge of chaotic and daemonic lore which is considered dangerous to even her colleagues.

Interrogator Tiberius Gideon Lambert

Former Ward of Navigator house Lambert, who left the family after an event which he refuses to discuss. He claims to be a blood member of house Lambert, despite his conspicuous lack of the Navigator gene or any other mutations commonly found within the family. He goes to battle covered in holy parchments with a skull at his belt that he will only identify as "Gideon the last".

Genetor Mordecai Linden

Magos Biologis and advisor to Inquisitor Kappel, hailing from Forge World Lucius.
A scholar of the esoteric and obscure, Mordecai is devoted to the study of mutations and how to identify their origins, with particular interest in the differences between mutations as a natural occurrence and those caused by the influence of chaos.


((You knew it was coming, folks))
((The Inquisition Has Arrived))
((Maybe I should compose my own bingo card for Inq28/Blanchitsu/conversion-heavy hobby))
((I had actually planned to post something on this group much earlier))
((Maybe not these exact models, but some Inquisitor of the Sunfire Coalition))
((To make my account name on here make sense, I guess))
((However, I got just excessively distracted by other projects))
((Which has luckily had the effect of cementing my painting style))
((So when I did get to this lot I had much more practice))
((And I had secured the fairly recent release of the Tech-Priest Manipulus))

((The red, black and gold colours are specifically chosen to evoke that classic Inquisition look))
((Less about how any one model was painted and more a feeling))
((There's likely a good helping of Sisters of Battle and Deathwatch in it too))
((I also pushed the typical bright-blue accent colour out towards cyan/aqua a bit with some Nihilakh Oxide))

((I was kind of nervous about how the Genetor's big glassware thingy would look))
((I'm not really one for super-fine blending and all that, I let the washes and glazes do that for me))
((But the Oxide over a slightly uneven basecoat gives it a sort of frosted look that I quite like))
((Something I discovered while planning out how to paint these:))
((There are hardly any references for Ad Mech painted in the Forge World Lucius colours))
((I ended up improvising my own off some pictures from the 40k wikia page))

((Also, I wanted to try using static grass for a bit of extra visual flair on the bases))
((I no longer want that))
((Seriously that stuff gets everywhere except where you want it))

((I'm also entering the Genetor into Azazelx's May Painting Challenge, this month for mechanical models))
((I had not originally intended to enter this one, but now that they're finished it makes perfect sense))
((I have now very nearly assembled everything for the Hydra's Heads, too))
((Just three models left, plus another six or seven to be posted in the coming weeks))
((And a Light Wizard with a big telescope looking thing for Strangers in Mirrors))

Parts list, Inquisitor Kappel:
-Genestealer Cult Neophytes Torso
-Sisters of Silence Arms
-Grey Knights Book, Incinerator and Back Banner
-Cadian Commander Legs
-Kroot Pistol and Ammo Pouches
-Celestar Ballista Stormcast Head

Interrogator Tiberius:
-MkIV Marine Torso
-Tempestus Scions Legs and Arms
-Vanguard Veterans Chainsword
-Flagellants Parchments and Scrolls
-Skitarii Head

Genetor Mordecai:
-Tech-Priest Manipulus, minus Robot Arms and Antennae
-Rhino Radar Dish
-Cadian Command Squad Servo-Skull

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