February Modelling Challenge: Necromunda/Zone Mortalis-Style 3d Printed Tiles

Being the startlingly large hobby moth that I am, flapping about chasing whatever lamp looks shiniest,
I don't tend to accrue many half-painted models, only half-built ones.
Hence why I have decided to submit some more terrain for this month's Community Painting Challenge.

It just so happened that right around the time that post went up, I decided I would give a go at designing my own take on a 3d Necromunda board. Not that I've actually played any of the game, but I'm a big fan of the grid system, composed of neat repeatable chunks that can be split off to fit very well in my 3d printer's regrettably limited build space.

I've painted these pieces up to match with my existing terrain, including the generator from last month's challenge. The general theme I am working towards for this lot is an abandoned and corroded space station, set into an asteroid or other such space lump, with a setting of either during or after a genestealer infestation.

I'm currently tossing up ideas about making an infinite mirror tunnel to match the elevator shaft seen in the Necromunda: Underhive tiles, as well as messing around with a technique, discovered on a hobby blog that I've since lost the link to, of combining PVA wood glue with superglue to produce odd alien-sludge-like polymerous blobs.

It's a bit hard to see on the piece of foamcore, but this was my first test, made simply by adding some superglue onto a drop of wood glue and mixing until the glues began coalescing into a sort of slime. After a day or two of curing, the lump is solid enough that I would not be worried about damaging it in the course of normal wargaming usage. At some point in the near future I plan to do a few tests mixing in different colours of paint, to see what kinds of goop I can make, for basing and terrain decoration and such.

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