February Painting Challenge: Neglected Dark Imperium Models

Oh how the years go by, looking back on all that was once new...
So! Some backstory: these two were started and almost finished some time back, my guess is around the middle of 2018, with one issue.
The blades of their power swords were very ugly.
To the extent that I didn't even bother getting before photos to show off the improvement.

Instead, here are some extra shots of the newly finished swords, along with some hobby future rambles:

::Vengeance Knights Captain in Gravis Armour::
The colour scheme on these marines is one I created especially for the Dark Imperium box set, going tentatively under the name Vengeance Knights.
I have finished painting most of the models from that kit, with four more intercessors to be painted in this colour scheme, plus three kitbashed reivers using parts from both the easy to build and multipart boxes.

::Vengeance Knights Lieutenant with Power Sword::
So far I'm holding onto the inceptors, waiting to see what's in the new Shadowspear box, with the intent to split the chaos half with a friend and perhaps add the inceptors to my own as a sort of revival of a project I was working on before the primaris marines were even announced.

One of my favourite things about space marines is the heraldic nature of their armour, designing chapter colour schemes being something of a meta-hobby of mine.
With that in mind, I'm going to try to build a small collection of custom chapters, both loyal and traitor, and build a single representative figure for each.
Wish me luck, I'll need it!


  1. These guys look great - what did you use for that dark bluish-tint grey?

    1. Thanks, that paint is actually a non-model paint (heresy!) I had originally got while trying to colour match some older paints - the brand is called Derivan Flow, and the colour is Mineral Blue, and I bought it because it was one of the first things I saw that looked vaguely similar to how I remembered the old GW shadow grey. The paint scheme on top of that is pretty simple, just a nuln oil recess shade and a light grey drybrush. Interestingly, the mineral blue paint fits squarely in a gap in the citadel range - a bit less purple-ish than the fang, but not as saturated as the brighter blues.

    2. Ah, cool - I have a bunch of the old Derivan Minis paints from when they tried to get into the miniature paint market (and failed). Most of their paints unfortunately weren't very good (too chalky), but I still use them for simple tasks. Vallejo Game Colour has "Sombre Grey", which is pretty much a match to the old Shadow Grey if you're ever wanting more...

    3. I will certainly look into that, but at this point the paint scheme I would have used it for is somewhat useless now that I've moved on to newer projects and improved my painting techniques. I also have a bottle of the new Fang paint, and while I do have a few Vallejo paints I've found that the texture of GW paints tends to work better for the way I do my drybrushing and stippling. I have been meaning to look around at other brands, but the urge to stick to what works has not been defeated just yet.